Founder and CEO of MintyPips Academy, Layth Samarah teaches more than 1000 students globally about forex and cryptocurrencies to help them create the life they want.

The MintyPips Academy was founded by Samarah over ten years ago with the intention of helping people achieve financial freedom. Despite starting trading in 2012, Layth Samarah didn’t see any results until early 2016. After that, he became a full-time trader. To give his students the results that they’re seeking, Samarah used his personal trading experiences and hours of practice and work.

Layth Samarah draws inspiration from Tony Robbins, Gary Vaynerchuck, and Robert Kyosaki. He has been inspired to never give up by Quillian Black, who went from working at Target to becoming a multiple seven-figure trader.

Samarah advises young business people to seek mentorship when it comes to trade. MintyPips offers traders the best chance of creating a sustainable way of life through trading, which is why so many traders from different platforms go there for training. Layth can be followed on Instagram here, and business opportunities can be found here.