Published on: Dec 6, 2023

By. C.J.Rojas

From the design of the Plazas House to her work on the prestigious Warsaw Museum of Modern Art project, Andrea Machado has demonstrated exceptional skill and an unparalleled commitment to excellence in architecture. Throughout her career, she has accumulated a number of significant accomplishments that highlight her talent and her impact on the architectural community.

Her participation in the design of Casa Plazas in 2019 marked an important milestone in her career. Working alongside her father gave here invaluable experience, not only in architectural design, but also in coordinating artistic elements such as the central sculpture. This project highlighted her ability to fuse architecture with art and light, creating a truly unique and meaningful space.

Earning her Bachelors of Architecture from Rice University in 2021 after six years of intensive study is another notable achievement in Andrea’s career. Her focus on Art History and her academic awards demonstrate her dedication to learning and her passion for architecture as a form of artistic and social expression.