NFTs have rapidly increased in popularity over the past years. Not only have individual investors started to trade this new financial instrument heavily, but also major corporations are joining this new wave. According to Bloomberg, the Metaverse may become an $800 million industry, and several NFT projects are working to become leaders in the space. NFTs are so new that there are currently few tools available to investors to make intelligent financial decisions.

The Billionaire Bunker looks to solve this problem by offering an exclusive all-in-one package for NFT investors with ultra-high utility designed by mathematicians and quants. They’re the first fintech startup powered by the technology of NFTs. For the first time in history, the general population will have access to the investing tools that were once only available to the top 1%. This will include an NFT trading bot, a top-rated community filled with the best investors, a quarterly mastermind conference day with the most recognized experts, a course on how to trade NFTs like Wall Street, and much more. Investors can expect to see tools like charts, watchlists, screeners, and much more.

Meet The Genius Behind The Project; “Home Run” Jonathan Bouchard, CEO

The CEO of this project is 23-year-old Wall Street pioneer “Home Run” Jonathan Bouchard. It’s remarkable what Jonathan has been able to accomplish at such a young age. He didn’t want to follow down a path, like so many others have before him with little to show for it, so he opted out of getting a college degree. Thanks to his decision, he can now boast of closing $129 million in sales within 90 days. Hailing from Montreal, “Home Run” Jonathan had demonstrated his ability to determine winners and losers in the financial markets.

He took on the “Home Run” nickname after he made a windfall in profits from betting against pending Mergers and Acquisitions in the covid crisis with the help of stock derivatives. This strategy netted him a remarkable 15x ROI. This accomplishment was virtually unheard of, which quickly helped him rise in the ranks among senior traders. Getting his start trading currencies when he was just 17 years old, Jonathan ended up breaking several records within every bank and trading firm where he was employed. His decision to forego getting a college degree and learn from direct experience and observing veteran traders has helped his path to success become a quick one. Home Run managed over $1.5B of trades on the stock market since the beginning of his career.

Nick Leger – Marketing and Implementation

Nick is the owner of a 7 figure online holistic business which employs over 40 people in 4 countries. He also owns the world’s first Jungle Gym in a real jungle and is a Caribbean real estate developer.

Renzo – Creative Director

Born in Montreal, Canada, in 1999, Renzo is the alias of a contemporary visual artist who creates paintings, drawings, and prints. He attended Concordia University in Montreal, where he studied film production. Showcasing street and contemporary art techniques with aesthetics echoing Pablo Picasso, George Condo, and Banksy. Renzo brings you into a world full of characters where you can feel their soul and humanity even if they are fictional ones; he brings you on a trip into his mind in the form of a visual experience.

How to Buy a Billionaire Bunker NFT

In order to buy one of the Billionaire Bunker NFTs, you need to own or create a cryptocurrency wallet like MetaMask and load it with 0.088 Ethereum (~$350) + a little bit more to cover any gas fees. Once ready, you can connect your wallet to the Billionaire Bunker minting website on January 11 at 7 PM, select how many Big Cats you want to mint (purchase), and submit your transaction. When the transaction is complete, you can connect your MetaMask wallet to the OpenSea website to see your NFTs, which will remain hidden until the reveal.

So many new NFT projects launch every day, it can be difficult for potential investors to choose which projects are worth their time and money. When asked what makes this project different, CEO Jonathan Bouchard told us, “We are filling an important gap in the NFT market right now. NFTs are so new that there are barely any tools available to investors to make smart financial decisions. It is essential and an opportunity for us to take the lead in this hyper-growth industry.” Home Run understands the importance of having access to tools at the cutting edge of technology to make intelligent financial decisions. The Billionaire Bunker will bring all instruments currently available to stock traders, to NFT investors. ” Learn more today at