Lauren Bateman is a full-time musician and YouTuber based in Medford, Massachusetts. She is the founder and CEO of Full-Time Tubers, a website that teaches business owners how to expand and develop their operations using YouTube. The Full Time-Tubers website provides information on what YouTube prefers and disfavors, as well as a few key points to consider when starting out.

To become a successful entrepreneur, Lauren stated, “To become a successful entrepreneur, I think it takes consistency, persistence, and a boatload of patience. Building a business is like getting in shape. You can go to the gym and put in the most killer workout. Sweat your butt off. Give it your all. Then, you go home and look in the mirror and see zero results for all the effort you put in. And you start doubting the process. The next day, you go back and do the same thing. Again, you come home nothing. Most people at this stage will say, this is too much work, and it’s not working anyway. I give up. But the successful entrepreneur knows that if they just keep putting in the time, it will pay off.”

“A year later, they look in the mirror, and they see a totally different person. It’s the same with business. It’s wearing all hats. doing all jobs. Going to bed exhausted and losing sleep over stress. It feels like shoveling crap against the tide, and you’re wondering when it’s going to give. But then you get a boost. ‘Out of nowhere’ something hits or clicks. You realize that all the work you put in consistently over time has brought you to this moment. You thank yourself for not giving up when things got hard or for not getting a participation trophy for all the work you were doing.”

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