RePlatform to forge ahead as premier networking event to grow the Parallel Economy

LAS VEGAS, NV / One of America’s largest payment systems, Stripe, has debanked a freedom economy conference, RePlatform Vegas. Despite this, the organization is forging ahead this week, Friday, March 8 to Sunday March 10 in Las Vegas, to network parallel economy companies, investors, and consumers in the face of Corporate America’s deplatforming. For conference details visit

In the lead-up to RePlatform, organizers faced several of these cancelation attempts, most notably by Stripe, which resulted in the withholding of tens of thousands of dollars crucial for the conference’s production, imperiling the efforts of this bootstrapping startup.

“We were forced to use Stripe because of legacy ticketing systems and we’ve been selling tickets for months- for our main event and various side events, like the Astral Ball. In this entire time we had one refund request.  Just one. Which we immediately approved and processed. And then Stripe brought down the hammer and sequestered the bulk of our ticketing revenue- funds we need to actually produce the event! It’s more than suspect since several of Stripe’s competitors are either sponsoring our event or speaking at it. What Stripe did to us in the final weeks is exactly why RePlatform is so necessary and why we won’t be stopped.” – David Ragsdale, CEO of RePlatform

As a result of this one refund, Stripe cut off access to 75% of received funds from ticket purchases. Stripe further refused to work with RePlatform to rectify the issue. 

Undeterred by this debanking, GabPay stepped in two weeks ago to facilitate an alternative, thwarting Stripe’s attempt to derail the conference. However, despite these efforts, a significant number of incoming registrations were lost at the point-of-payment due to Stripe’s disruptive actions.  RePlatform is fulfilling all registrations for attendees and is now in the safe harbor of GabPay for all new registrations. 

“When we heard that Stripe was going to hold RePlatform’s funds, we felt such an action was unjustified and based on the pretext of a risk related business decision. At GabPay, we made a different business decision based on our industry experience and actual data. We wish our merchants great success and are honored to be a part of their journey.” – Dan Eddy, Chief Operating Officer Gab Pay

The RePlatform team is determined to press forward. In its inaugural year, the conference boasts an uncancellable lineup and a steadfast commitment to its mission. In response to Stripe, RePlatform is pivoting from a mass event to an intimate gathering focused on fostering deal-making opportunities. At RePlatform, leaders and innovators across various freedom spaces will forge invaluable connections, leaving with robust networks of business partners and allies.

Amidst this debanking, RePlatform remains steadfast in its dedication to connecting leaders in the parallel economy. From Gab Pay to Patmos to Old Glory Bank to Give Send Go, from Steve Turley to Steve Kirsch, the pillars and founders of the Parallel Economy are gathering in Vegas to chart a course to UnCancel America for our businesses, our families, and our future. 

About RePlatform

Founded by the visionary team behind Defeat the Mandates and the Covid Litigation Conferences, RePlatform is dedicated to elevating the quality of innovation and investment in the Parallel Economy. RePlatform taking place from Friday, March 8, 2024, to Sunday, March 10, 2024, at the Horseshoe Hotel in Las Vegas, is a crucial gathering for those seeking tangible solutions beyond Corporate Cancel Culture. The event includes a business expo, the Astral Ball, Barnraiser- a specialized accelerator track, and the world premiere of Mikki Willis’s Plandemic: The Music. RePlatform is an event designed to equip attendees—entrepreneurs, investors, consumers, and advertisers—with the tools to UnCancel America. For more details please visit


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