Sophia Hardcastle is a full-time student majoring in digital marketing at the University of Concordia in St. Paul. She employs her expertise as a social media manager online, thanks to her education in digital marketing. In addition to modeling, she works as a certified health and wellness coach.

Since she was 16 years old, Sophia had always wished to be a model. When she was signed by a regional agency in her native Minnesota, she was first introduced to the field. But over the next three years, she needed help to secure work and make a name for herself. Sophia was almost forced to leave the business permanently due to this experience because she was afraid that if she did, her career would only fail. She booked her first job as a runway model by performing freelance work before she hurriedly decided to bite the bullet and give up. The first time she stepped down the runway, she recognized that modeling was the vocation she was supposed to pursue since she could provide much more positivity, inclusivity, and self-assurance to everyone who could relate to her and her experience.

Sophia’s path to success in modeling did not come easy. However, the setbacks she faced early on helped shape who she is today. Though the lack of booking almost forced her out of the industry at the time, she made it her mission to stay committed and focused on turning her dream into a reality, and it was through that commitment that she could enjoy the fruit of her hard labor. “It can sometimes be hard to continue believing in yourself when it feels like no one in this industry recognizes your potential but you.”

Sophia believes that to succeed as an entrepreneur, you must be tenacious, patient, and passionate about your work. Any ambitious businessperson would heed Sophia Hardcastle’s counsel that nothing worthwhile ever begins without thought. To create changes in your life, you must first alter your thoughts. Follow Sophia on Instagram by following the link here.