More than a musician, 3XNGØ (pronounced Bingo) is a sonic architect, constructing narratives that resonate far beyond the borders of conventional genres.

Uncharted Territory: Home Away From Home

North Carolina’s landscape and diversity inspired 3XNGØ to fuse the vibe of the streets with eclectic beats. In his music he unravels the enigmatic journey that led him to be a maestro of sound, with lyrics as spontaneous and diverse as the friendships he’s forged throughout his lifetime.

“I used to be the kid teachers watched because I would get bored quickly…” he shares “At an early age I knew I needed to go see the world.” As a seeker of new experiences, 3XNGØ roams various places, absorbing the vibes and enjoying the company of people he meets. “I’ve tried to live a normal life, but I wasn’t getting any closer to where I want to be. So now I’m focused on creating vibes with music, which is what I’ve always wanted to do anyway.”

Harmony in Diversity: Every Color has Different Hues

3XNGØ paints his musical canvas with a variety of influences. Growing up surrounded by friends from different cultures and navigating life independently, he developed a kaleidoscopic perspective. “Leaving my home younger than I was supposed to, and having to figure things out on my own, made me look at the world in a different way,” he reflects.

His music, a testament to these influences, resonates with a fusion of lyrical depth and experimental beats. “A lot of the time, I’m making songs inspired by real experiences. I just want to be honest but also have a unique sound.”

Crossing Borders: Traveling the Unbeaten Path

Refusing to be confined by the shackles of musical norms, 3XNGØ exudes versatility. “I’m usually a lyrical/underground type with trap/party vibes, but I’m versatile, and I can make whatever type of song I want.” Collaboration, a cornerstone of his creative process, is an exploration of uncharted territories. “Yes. I’ve done songs with other people in the past, but it’s been a while so I’m trying to lock in potential collaborations, and embrace the opportunity.” 

Ground Zero: The Only Way is Up

An intriguing chapter unfolds as 3XNGØ recounts a pivotal moment at Rolling Loud LA, where he encountered luminaries like DJ Cipha Sounds (co-host of JuanEpIsLife with Peter Rosenberg) and Big Boy (Big Boy’s Neighborhood on REAL 92.3LA). “I had a real conversation with Cipha Sounds and also had a chance to speak with Big Boy. I told him I’m going to be on his show and freestyle for him. I challenged myself to do that, so I need to make it happen.”

Life Challenges: A Never Ending Story

3XNGØ’s journey to recognition in the music industry has been marked by wins, and losses— songs that disappeared, a broken laptop, and prolonged absences in the studio. Yet the urge to create never left, so 3XNGØ found ways to overcome the obstacles. “I have survived dangerous situations because I learned to trust my gut, so I hope my instincts will help me find success.”

Melodic Messages: The Truth Behind the Beats

Through his music, 3XNGØ seeks to convey a simple yet profound message— “Have a nice life.” It’s a declaration of autonomy and a call to action. “It’s definitely up to me what happens in my life, and I don’t like feeling that I’m not living up to my potential. I honestly believe that if you have the motivation and ambition to do it, no one can stop you.”

Space Bound: Finding a Place Among the Stars

As he charts his course into the future, 3XNGØ envisions expanding his brand through merch, live shows, and social media. “My goals for this year include getting my name in the right conversations, on websites, and somehow finding myself on a tour.”

Intriguingly, he doesn’t hold back his ambitions. “Honestly, I’m trying to make the list for the Carter 6. Who knows… maybe it’ll happen.”

Building Community: Forging Lifelong Bonds 

3XNGØ extends an invitation to his fans through Grouped, a new platform where they can join his personal brand community for exclusive live streams, early access to information, and more. You can find his Grouped artist page by following this link