Passionate Athlete, Motivational Speaker and Environmentalist, Tez Steinberg Sets Out on a World-Record Quest to Shed Light on the Ocean’s Plastic Crisis

LOVELAND, CO, October 2023Wild Zora, a food company known for real, convenient, and tasty foods, is proud to announce its sponsorship of Tez Steinberg, the determined athlete and motivational speaker, in his ambitious attempt to row solo across the Pacific Ocean. This pioneering endeavor aims to spotlight the urgent global crisis of ocean plastic pollution.

Terence (Tez) Steinberg, celebrated as one of the “50 Best Young Minds in the World” by the World Economic Forum, has consistently defied expectations. Following his monumental feat in 2020—rowing a 7-meter boat solo from California to Hawaii in 71 days with no prior experience—Tez is gearing up for an even more challenging expedition. This November, he is set to embark on a world-record attempt, rowing solo 5,000 miles from Hawaii to Australia, a journey expected to span four months.

Wild Zora’s support of Tez underscores its commitment to sustainability and the environment and resonates deeply with the ethos of the United World Challenge. This partnership seeks to rally global support, leveraging both Tez’s arduous journey and Wild Zora’s broad consumer base to drive change and make tangible strides in reducing ocean plastic.

Tez’s journey is more than just a test of physical and mental endurance—it carries a profound environmental message. As he conquers the vast expanse of the Pacific, Tez aims to raise awareness and funds to combat the escalating issue of ocean plastic pollution. The mission, titled the United World Challenge, has a concrete goal: to build river barriers in the world’s most polluted regions, effectively preventing plastic from reaching our oceans. The challenge claims that every dollar raised can prevent up to 30 bottles from polluting the marine environment.

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About Tez Steinberg:

From battling personal challenges to achieving astounding athletic feats, Tez Steinberg’s journey is a testament to the indomitable human spirit. His adventures, including the upcoming Pacific rowing challenge, aim to inspire global change, urging individuals and communities to champion environmental causes. Dive into Tez’s world here.