Published on: Mar 12, 2024 

By: CJ. Rojas

Ramses Seara’s story is an inspiring testimony of perseverance, passion and determination. From an early age, Ramses dreamed of taking to the skies, inspired by the majesty of the sky and the stars. For him, the pilots represented an image of greatness and achievement, although it seemed like a distant dream due to his financial situation.

At age 15, Ramses made the bold decision to leave his home in Venezuela and embark on a solitary journey to the United States in search of a better future. Despite the challenges and obstacles, he enrolled in a secondary school and persevered to complete his basic studies in a foreign country.

After graduating, Ramses began his quest to become a pilot. Working hard as a waiter and restaurant manager to finance his dream, he embarked on a four-year journey of intensive study at a flight school in Fort Lauderdale.

Throughout his journey, Ramses faced financial and linguistic challenges, but his unwavering determination and dedication saw him overcome every obstacle. Mastering English and staying focused on his goal were crucial to his success.

The most exciting moment came when Ramses finally earned his commercial pilot license, an achievement that once seemed unattainable but was now a tangible reality. For Ramses, being a commercial pilot was more than a title; It was the realization of a lifelong dream.

For those aspiring to pursue a career in aviation, Ramses offers valuable advice: stay focused, work hard and never lose sight of the goal. His story is a powerful reminder that, with determination and dedication, any dream, no matter how big it may seem, can become a reality.

Looking to the future, Ramses aspires to become an exemplary and humble pilot, build his own business in the aviation industry and eventually achieve the prestigious position of captain in a renowned airline. For Ramses, the sky is not the limit; It is just the beginning of a journey to greater heights and achievements.