Published on: May 6, 2023

By: Carlos Camargo


Omar Herrera was born to be great in the world of music. He is a complete artist in every sense: a unique voice. Like few in music today, his acting talent is formidable. A separate chapter deserves its versatility for composition and especially for playing musical instruments, especially the guitar. To which he owes countless recognitions.

Mar herrera is also a music producer and has worked with internationally renowned artists.

His work in music has earned him important recognitions, including a Latin Grammy won at the end of 2022 for his participation as a guitarist on the album “Viviré” by the Christian artist of Mexican / American origin, Marcos Witt, in the category of “Best Christian album in Spanish”.

Previously, specifically in 2019, the musician already knew how exciting it was not one, but two nominations in this international award that recognizes the best of Latin music, thanks to his participation as a guitarist in the album “Viceral” by the artist. Colombian Paula Arenas. The nominations were in the categories “Album of the Year” and “Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album”.

Omar Herrera, has a musical career full of important works, but in addition to the appreciation of the industry and the public. He is known on social networks as “Herrera Sánchez Music”, and he is preparing a new record production as a singer-songwriter entitled “Tierra Mía”, in which he fuses folk rhythms with electronic sounds; and that adds to his career his previous productions “Versiones & Propias”, “Arpeggios en concierto” with Tony Alvarado Ochoa on the harp and the single “Mi flor de cayena” which is available on the main digital platforms.



Carlos Camargo is a Venezuelan journalist with 40 years of experience. Specialized in Entertainment and Lifestyle. He is the author of the book “Happy and Unbound”