Published on: May 23, 2023

By: Carlos Camargo

Omar Herrera, winner of his first Latin Grammy for his participation as a guitarist on the album “Viviré” by Christian artist Marcos Witt in the category of “Best Christian Album in Spanish”, prepares the release of his new song- It is the single ” Surrendered to your kisses” and it will surely impact you. A song with a high romantic content where the guitar plays a very important role.


As is known, Omar Herrera is a global and integral artist: he is a musician, singer, composer and music producer. About the release of “Rendered to your kisses” we talked with him and look what he told us:


What inspires you in music?

-Knowing that I have a purpose, a day to day, a future, a blessing.

– What news does Omar Herrera bring in his new single?

– The new is focused on my work as an independent artist, showing my facets as a musician, composer, producer and performer. It is a mixture of sensations, it all depends on the sound that each creative achieves, we take tools that have already been created and for that reason I would not even dare to name it, simply fusion.

-Immediate projects?

-Besides my new single “Rendered to your kisses” there are more singles, full albums, a book, several live performances, concerts and the opening of the Musicartes Foundation.