At 19, Michael Dooley started working in the car industry. By his mid-20s, he was already managing a car dealership. But he knew that being good at selling cars wasn’t everything. He needed to keep getting new customers to make sure his business kept growing. This is when he decided to learn more about marketing and branding. His choice not only changed his career but also changed how people market cars today.

Dooley’s competitive spirit and his hunger to learn more pushed him towards marketing. He got his big break when he was starting a dealership for luxury cars. He began to share his daily life on social media. He talked about his victories, the problems he faced, and his routine. People loved his videos, and they started getting lots of views. Other car dealerships even started asking him for advice.

Before he knew it, Dooley had started his own business. He had found a special area where he could use his personal brand and his experience in the car industry. His accidental start soon turned into a successful business. Today, Dooley is an expert in finding potential customers for car sales and providing software services.

His business, Pinnacle Online Marketing, now works with clients in nine different countries. But despite his success, Dooley emphasizes staying true to yourself. According to him, success is about setting your own goals based on what you want, not just doing what others are doing.

Dooley’s journey wasn’t always easy. After leaving the dealership, he faced hard times in Australia, with bushfires and the COVID-19 pandemic. But instead of giving up, Dooley saw these problems as a chance to grow. He decided to expand beyond local clients and started thinking globally.

However, Pinnacle’s quick growth isn’t just about having big clients. It’s about helping each client and building strong relationships. Dooley believes in being authentic, and he shows this by sharing about his life as a friend, husband, and father, as well as a CEO. This helps his clients trust him more.

Even though he’s running a successful business, Dooley always makes time for his family on Sundays. This family time gives him the energy and drive for his work. He also has a great team at Pinnacle that helps him with tasks so that he can focus on growing the business.

Looking ahead, Dooley has big plans. He wants to make Pinnacle a complete solution for clients by adding more features to their services and software. He enjoys being a CMO for other clients, helping them improve their marketing and sales strategies.

His advice to others who want to start a business is simple yet meaningful: “Be real and truly understand why you’re doing what you’re doing. Have a plan, set small, achievable goals, and then get to work.”

As he continues to grow his business and help his clients succeed, Michael Dooley is certainly making a big impact on the car marketing industry.

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