Mala Rambharose has a compelling story that transitions from homelessness to monkhood, ultimately emerging as a flourishing entrepreneur. As the founder of CityMonk Media, Mala exemplifies the attributes of a contemporary entrepreneur – an individual who is perpetually driven, confronts challenges head-on, and reshapes her own narrative of success.

The Unexpected Start

An unforeseen event, a product tasting at Starbucks’ headquarters in Toronto, marked the commencement of Mala’s entrepreneurial journey. Disillusioned with her university education, Mala found this opportunity to be a turning point, leading her to nurture her budding entrepreneurial instincts.

Persistence Pays Off

The quest to be an entrepreneur had Mala facing countless rejections from publishers across Canada. However, she remained undeterred. Driven by a relentless desire to publish her children’s book, “There’s A Pebble In My Shoe,” she ventured into the intricate world of self-publishing, distribution, and marketing. Her perseverance didn’t go unnoticed, attracting the attention of Canadian literary giants such as Heather Reisman, founder of Indigo Books, and Brad Martin, former CEO of Penguin Random House Canada.

Trials and Triumphs

While the road to success was strewn with obstacles, Mala faced them with unwavering determination. She recognizes the unique challenges presented by being young, female, and financially constrained in a competitive world. Instead of viewing these as roadblocks, she saw them as opportunities to adapt, grow, and persevere.

Celebrating Milestones

Living independently in downtown Toronto during her twenties was a major win for Mala, signifying her victory over previous struggles with homelessness and public housing. In addition, contributing to HuffPost was another milestone, one that was validated by encouragement from Arianna Huffington.

Embracing a Monk-like Lifestyle

Following a series of disappointments, Mala’s entrepreneurial journey took a distinct turn. She adopted a lifestyle akin to that of a monk, disconnecting from technological distractions and material possessions, and immersing herself in spirituality and introspection. This phase of her life taught her the significance of bootstrapping and instilled entrepreneurial discipline.

Words of Wisdom

Mala’s guidance for aspiring entrepreneurs is clear: Don’t fear conventional jobs while building your own business. She believes that relying too heavily on external investment can limit creativity and innovation. She advocates for a self-sustaining, steady approach that allows for efficient resource management and alleviates the stress of fulfilling others’ expectations.

Wellness alongside Work

An advocate for a balanced lifestyle, Mala emphasizes the importance of rest, hydration, and physical activity. Her emphasis on well-being signifies her belief in maintaining personal health alongside professional commitments.

Documenting a Remarkable Journey

Mala is presently working on a memoir, “Broken Telephone,” which is set to chronicle her unique journey and the myriad interesting individuals she has met along the way. The memoir promises to be a reflection of her journey from homelessness to entrepreneurship and monkhood.

Breaking Stereotypes

Mala Rambharose’s story is a vivid illustration of an individual who refuses to be boxed by societal expectations. Her journey, a tale of resilience, reinvention, and unwavering determination, serves as an inspiration and a reminder that every path to success is unique and merits acknowledgement and respect.

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