CEO and owner of FinanciBull is Christian Whitehead, a native of Tampa, Florida. Founded in 2021, FinanciBull has become one of the world’s leading organizations for teaching and assisting families with their financial decisions. Whitehead also oversees StarTek Workforce Solutions, StarTAK Fiber, StarLink Construction Utilities, and Expert Solar Pros as a chief operating officer and chief strategy officer.

FinanciBull has provided financial assistance to over 8,000 households. They provide the best pricing and solutions through their extensive resource network and A+-rated partners. It is widely known that online financial advice is frequently inaccurate, irritating, imprecise, and lacks direction. Unlike other financial consultants, FinanciBull provides more than just advice. Every family they work with regards them as their best friend, reinforcement, backup, and sidekick.

For all potential clients, FinanciBull provides a complimentary financial review. The process consists of four steps: review, education, investing, and growth. As part of the study, they help prospects set goals, establish rapport, and figure out precisely what they need based on their vision for the future. FinanciBull educates and answers all questions so potential clients can make better decisions about their financial future. Based on this information, they tailor a financial and education plan for you.

As a professional, Christian finds the most rewarding part of his work inspiring and motivating his hundreds of employees. Additionally, Whitehead takes great pleasure in helping numerous families determine their financial futures. Follow Christian Whitehead on Instagram here and check out the official FinanciBull website here.