Publicity For Good is on a mission to grow purpose-driven brands and individuals to grow their influence so they can continue to do good for the community. Heather Holmes (formerly DeSantis, find her on Instagram), founder and CEO of America’s top PR firm for purpose-driven consumer brands, Publicity For Good (PFG), has helped over 200 brands achieve industry leadership through effective and impactful public relations and communication campaigns that show the true worth of a brand. 

Driven by Purpose

Publicity For Good works exclusively with mission-oriented brands that operate to give back to the world. Heather, an award-winning and highly respected publicist has found success for several brands in food, beverage, beauty, and fashion by helping them gain exposure by telling their stories through digital and traditional media outlets and formats.

She has worked with several small, medium, and large brands including Jovial Foods, WhatIF Foods, Eco Lips, Flying Embers, and Nutpods, and helped them extend their influence over their audience to gain industry leadership and recognition. Heather’s work in PR has been recognized by many organizations, naming her as one of the top women leaders in public relations. 

Building Relationships and Creating Leaders

Publicity For Good has given over 200 brands the chance of industry leadership. Central to the work that she does is the value of transparency, communication, and building relationships with clients and their dream media outlets. By effectively strategizing ways how a brand can leverage its unique purpose alongside its products and services, Heather gave these brands the ability to speak their truths to an audience far wider than they could have ever imagined. Through impactful communications and building lasting relationships, she has forged strong partnerships with her clients and media members so they can have a collaborative relationship that helps the brands communicate their truths with impact. 

To highlight her ability to create impactful campaigns for purpose-driven brands, one of PFG’s clients, Prospector, achieved stellar success for the National Popcorn Day Campaign. In the weeks leading up to the event, she was able to amass a total of 76 media opportunities for the brand, achieving a total reach of 79.5 million media impressions. As a result, Prospector Popcorn enjoyed a single-day revenue that’s 84% higher than the previous year’s. Moreover, revenue was up by 3900% on National Popcorn Day, and for the first time, they reached a page one ranking on Google in the United States. The Kombucha brand, Flying Embers also enjoyed excellent coverage with Heather’s help. They were able to achieve 88 media stories, reaching over 699 million consumers. As a result, Flying Embers was able to lead the hard kombucha industry, occupying 84% of the industry space.

Making the World a Better Place

At its core, Publicity For Good wants to make the world a better place. Heather seeks to achieve this by helping brands with inspiring and relevant missions to achieve growth so they can extend their influence and help more people along the way. Publicity For Good and Heather’s focus is to help brands in achieving their missions, so they can leave behind a better world for future generations.

Publicity For Good has set the bar in purpose-driven public relations and communications. Heather has helped several mission-oriented and purpose-driven brands reach a global audience so they can continue pursuing their missions. With that, it’s an exciting opportunity to see what amazing things are in store for the purpose-driven brands championed by Heather and Publicity For Good

More on Heather Holmes and Publicity For Good

Heather Holmes (formerly DeSantis) is the founder and CEO of public relations agency for purpose-driven brands, Publicity For Good. More than being a publicist, she is also a wife and mother, living life off the land in their 22-acre homestead in the mountains of Morganton, North Carolina, while simultaneously achieving socially responsible brands with their needs for exposure and public relations. Since her agency’s inception, Heather has represented and written for over 200 purpose-driven brands and counting.

Considered the Good Girl of public relations, she’s helped over 200 purpose-driven brands achieve media success, earn features in major publications such as Forbes, Authority Magazine, and Medium, and reach countless people, helping the community and the world in the process. Her work in publicity certainly hasn’t gone unrecognized. She’s earned the 2021 Ragan’s PR Daily awards for PR Leader of the Year, the Bulldog PR Awards, Gold Star of PR, inclusion in  PRNews’ 2021 list of top Women in PR Entrepreneurship, and a nomination in Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list. She was also a finalist in the 2021 Platinum PR Awards CEO of the Year as well as the 2016 Miss Ohio International Pageant winner. Moreover, her agency, Publicity For Good has won several accolades from a variety of organizations. Her work and life have also been featured in the media. She has been featured on Fox News, Your Tango, and Business Insider.

Publicity For Good has been awarded O’Dwyer’s Best PR Firm for CPG Brands (2019), Bulldog PR Awards Gold Small Agency of the Year (2019), Bulldog PR Awards Bronze Midsize Agency of the Year (2021), and Clutch Award for Top PR Firm in NC (2022).

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