Published on: Nov 26, 2023


By: CJ Rojas

Gabriela Gañán is a decoration and event planning artist. She is a master in the art of making the most of spaces to create unforgettable environments for different celebrations. She has led the way with memorable work, excelling in planning events of any kind with an exclusive design style and unmatched attention to detail.

With more than 14 years of experience, Gabriela Gañan has been the architect of the most exclusive and important events in Venezuela, including the emblematic Quinta Esmeralda. Her originality and good taste have led her to be recognized as the “master of the art of decoration.” It should be noted that she has obtained distinguished awards such as the Tacarigua de Oro Internacional and the Tocando la Fama.

Her versatility in the field of decoration knows no limits, as she has impressed both at events for large audiences and at more intimate celebrations, including children’s parties, where her talent arouses the admiration of the little ones.