Nick Massa, a native of Huntington Beach, California, continues his reign as the king of online marketing. Through the services provided by his company and consulting for his clients, Nick Massa has been a key contributor in helping thousands of athletes, artists, business owners, brands, and others increase their online visibility and credibility.

Nick has encountered his fair share of obstacles on the way to becoming a marketing tycoon. Before entering the field of social media marketing, he played baseball for Manhattan College’s Division 1 team. Throughout his collegiate years, he appeared on numerous professional prospect lists and was even given a national ranking. Throughout his college career, he overcame two Tommy John UCL reconstructive procedures on his elbow. His pitching career would be ended by the second surgery, though. He could clearly understand who he was and what his goal in life was during this period.

Nick finds the most rewarding aspect of his job is being able to help thousands of people across the world achieve their dreams and set goals for their lives. Since the start of his career, Nick has been able to inspire his clients with his own life story, help them genuinely find who they are, and figure out how they can give back to the world. Nick’s work throughout the years has been a driving force in why so many new up-and-coming artists, entrepreneurs, influencers, and more have a solid online presence and undeniable credibility compared to how they started before they met Nick. His extensive work with his clients has also led them toward numerous brand deals.

Nick Massa’s advice to aspiring entrepreneurs would be to get over any fear of failure that they may have. “Failure doesn’t exist. It’s merely a perspective we force ourselves to believe in, protecting us from our fears. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable and take a good look at who you surround yourself with. You’re a product of the five people you spend the most time with, and something that I had to learn is that you can’t do it alone. Build a team and then nurture it with everything you have.” Keep up with Nick Massa by following him on Instagram here and for an additional boost of motivation, check out the link here.