Published on: Sep 27, 2023

By: Carlos Camargo


Ecuadorian Francisco José Herrera has an outstanding professional career as a rider and riding instructor. In addition to his countless awards obtained in important competitions, he is also the trainer of many other riders who want to be recognized within this wonderful discipline.

We talked to the rider, and he told us everything about his beginnings and how he manages his career day by day.

How did you get into horse riding and what was your inspiration to become a professional rider?

My dad was a rider and from a very young age we learned to ride and be in the world of horses.


Could you share with us some of the challenges you face as a riding instructor?

The responsibility that corresponds to all trainers in having other people’s lives on other horses, staying calm, having empathy and knowing how to control the different situations that this sport presents.


What is your daily training routine to stay fit and improve your riding skills?

Sport of physical conditioning and nutritional diet and with respect to horses I will always be learning from more experienced professionals.


How do you ensure that horse welfare is a priority in your riding teaching and practice?

The well-being of the horses is the most important part of this sport, they have body expressions to show how they are feeling.


Could you tell us about a particular competition that has been meaningful to you and why?

My first Grand Prix, it was my first competition at a professional level alongside all the best riders in my country. The feeling of being able to be in the major leagues after many years of practice is something that cannot be explained.






Carlos Camargo is a Venezuelan journalist with 40 years of experience. Specialized in Entertainment and Lifestyle. He is the author of the book “Happy and Unbound”.