Step into the world of mustache grooming excellence with Death Grip Wax. Founded in 2014 by U.S. veteran Derwood Willhite and his wife Megan, this brand has undergone a remarkable transformation under the passionate leadership of Levi Harris since November 2019. With a wide range of top-quality products and an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, Death Grip Wax is redefining the standards of mustache grooming with precision and passion.

Unleashing the Power of Purposeful Grooming:

At the heart of Death Grip Wax lies the belief in purposeful grooming. The brand seeks to inspire individuals to embrace the art of grooming as a transformative experience. Recognizing the significance of self-confidence in personal growth, Death Grip Wax is dedicated to supporting individuals on their grooming journey, enabling them to present their best selves to the world.

Excellence and Precision Craftsmanship:

Nestled in the scenic Woodland Park, Colorado, Death Grip Wax prides itself on its commitment to excellence and precision craftsmanship. The brand leaves no stone unturned in crafting the highest quality grooming products available. The Death Grip Mustache Waxes, their flagship line, have consistently triumphed in national mustache championships, a testament to the brand’s unwavering dedication to precision, quality, and artistry.

Harnessing the Influence of Social Media:

Harnessing the power of social media, Harris strategically utilized platforms such as Instagram and Facebook to build a thriving community around Death Grip Wax. Through captivating visuals, grooming tips, and collaborations with influencers in the mustache grooming community, the brand formed the vibrant Death Grip Brotherhood. Join the community and explore Death Grip Wax on Instagram at

Managing Growth and Ensuring Customer Satisfaction:

As the popularity of Death Grip Wax skyrocketed, Harris faced the challenge of managing rapid growth. To meet the escalating demand, he expanded the team, invested in cutting-edge equipment, and secured a larger warehouse in Woodland Park. Throughout this expansion, Death Grip Wax remained unwavering in their commitment to exceptional customer satisfaction. Every customer inquiry and order received prompt attention, ensuring that the brand’s dedication to service remained unparalleled.

Expansion and Innovation for the Discerning Gentleman:

Driven by a passion for meeting diverse customer preferences, Harris spearheaded the expansion of Death Grip Wax’s product line. In addition to their acclaimed mustache waxes, the brand developed new formulations to cater to varying hold levels and textures. The introduction of Bare Bones for a natural look, Sudden Death for effortless application, and Bone Crusher for an extra-strong hold showcased the brand’s commitment to innovation and versatility. Complementing the mustache waxes, Death Grip Wax also curated a range of accessories, including pocket mustache combs, brushes, travel bags, shave soaps, and oils.

Celebrating Grooming Artistry on the Global Stage:

Levi Harris’s exceptional grooming skills earned him the prestigious title of the USA National Champion for groomed handlebar mustaches in 2022. Now, he sets his sights on the highly anticipated 2023 World Beard and Mustache Championships in Germany, representing the United States and Death Grip Wax. This global platform will celebrate the artistry and passion behind grooming, and Harris is poised to leave a lasting impression. Support Death Grip Wax on their journey by visiting their official website at


Death Grip Wax, led by Levi Harris, is redefining the landscape of mustache grooming with their precision and passion. With a commitment to excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction, Death Grip Wax continues to set new standards in the industry. Experience the precision and passion of Death Grip Wax by visiting their official website and join the vibrant Death Grip Brotherhood.

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