Competent personnel assessment is characterized by the assessment of the employee’s work by essence, by the essence of the performed duties

The performed work, including work performed outside of the duties, is evaluated on the merits, according to the indicators of the company

Indicators of performance of the work allow the company to set a competent question, how and when the work should be executed

Right on time Using lean manufacturing Competent, professional

An in-depth analysis is made

The employee began work immediately after receiving the assignment

The assignment was completed before the deadline

Employee researched Internet materials, managerial databases, resources, competent sources (magazines, newspapers)

The employee did the job correctly and answer the question

The employee performed the work himself without using the work of external forces

The employee performed the work qualitatively, deeply studying the material

The employee has consulted additional sources

The employee made a competent outsourcing

The employee possesses professional resources, information

The employee has a professional background

The employee owns professional sources, knows how to use sources, resources, the press

Employee has research skills (Google, Yahoo, Management web-sites, RBC, E-Executive, university resources).

The employee has analytical skills, is able to analyse information and choose the main thing, to look at the root

The employee intelligently and carefully selects information.

The employee presents the information correctly and chooses the main thing.

The employee is able to tell a story, orally present selected information

Optional: The employee can tell the selected arguments

Employee has a good attitude to work, is not late and does not come in early.

The employee is rarely absent, and if he/she is absent, it is for good reasons

Employee treats others well, treats other team members with respect

The employee cares about the fate of the company, its status and business reputation

The employee cares about the life of the company, he is corporate

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