Published on: Apr 10, 2024

By: Donnell Brown II

The new Museum of Modern Art by Thomas Phifer and Partners, opening in October 2024 in Warsaw, Poland, will undoubtedly become a landmark in the city. Part of a new cultural complex in the heart of Warsaw, this museum stands as a symbol of innovation and architectural excellence on a 22-acre site.

Designed by New York City-based design studio Thomas Phifer and Partners, the building spans 200,000 square feet and four floors. The museum stands out for its design that makes the most of natural light, thanks to the use of skylights and windows that illuminate the white concrete walls. A distinctive element of Thomas Phifer’s design is the double helix staircase that connects the public levels, adding a unique dimension to the visitor experience. Upon arriving at the site, the Museum is surrounded by arcades, and open to the surrounding environment. The easily accessible ground floor is carefully planned to harmonize with the urban landscape, Plac Defilad and the adjacent park. Thomas Phifer compares the glass walls of this level to a white cloud drifting over the cityscape. Emphasizing accessibility, the new building prioritizes creating a welcoming public space that invites visitors to enter and explore its galleries.

As part of the Architectural Design team, Andrea Machado Romero, Colombian, has deployed her talent and dedication in the administration of the Museum’s construction since 2019. Andrea’s work on this project has focused on detailing the museum’s interiors, managing the construction and coordinate the design of the building. systems. Her particular focus on coordinating architectural lighting with New York-based lighting consultants and Warsaw-based general contractor team at art galleries has been instrumental in creating captivating atmospheres that enhance the works on display, ranging from electric lighting to natural lighting strategies. .

For Andrea, architecture goes beyond aesthetics; It is a means to address socio-political issues and promote positive changes. Her commitment to the Warsaw Museum of Modern Art project has not only been a demonstration of her professional skill, but also of her determination to make a significant difference in the world. Andrea Machado’s talent has allowed her to go from designing projects for private clients in Colombia such as Casa Plazas in 2019, to now participating in the development of details and supervision of the construction of large-scale public buildings such as the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw . . One of her interests in dedicating her professional career to the design of public buildings is that they become urban landmarks, that is, references for the inhabitants of the cities for which they are created. The Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw, thanks to the outstanding design of Thomas Phifer and Partners, will make this city a must-see destination for design lovers, just like Bilbao.

In addition to the technical prowess of the Thomas Phifer and Partner team, they have demonstrated an exceptional ability to adapt to the challenges of an ever-changing environment. The COVID-19 pandemic and the war in Ukraine have posed significant obstacles to the implementation of the project. However, rather than inhibiting progress, these challenges have driven the architectural design team to find creative and responsible solutions.

Success in transforming the city’s central public space into a vibrant, accessible and beautifully designed environment depends on fostering collaboration between citizens, cultural organizations and businesses in the area. The Museum of Modern Art that will open in October aims to serve as a center where urban culture and artistic expression converge. It will facilitate the combination of various artistic disciplines in the dynamic context of the surrounding context of Warsaw.