Published on: Jun 5, 2023

By. Carlos Camargo


Ana Paula Valenzuela is a professional in the world of entertainment. She was trained as a producer of events and fairs. Today she is a woman who has managed to earn her place. She is one of the most credible professionals as a tour manager, production manager, production coordinator and production assistant in Mexico and part of Latin America.

For now, he is the tour manager with the Mexican duo Jesse & Joy for a tour that ends next August. In addition, at the moment he is at full speed with the tour of the urban singer Raw Alejandro who will soon perform in Mexico, a possible tour of Europe and other events outside the borders of Mexico.

Ana Paula has not only worked with Latino artists. As a freelancer he has worked with a Korean promotion company, called “Ninshi Entertainment”, and received Korean bands in Mexico with whom he traveled to Chile, Colombia and Brazil. Some of the most recognized are Monsta X, Got 7, G-idle, Pentagon, among many others.

Ana Paula also has important work experience with the show organizing company, Ocesa, in charge of the production of large festivals in Mexico, also in the production of renowned artists such as Shakira, Marc Anthony, Rod Stewart, to name a few.




Carlos Camargo is a Venezuelan journalist with 40 years of experience. Specialized in Entertainment and Lifestyle. He is the author of the book “Happy and Unbound”.